Electricals Trading L.L.C

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About us


  • Project focused
  • Offer value engineering services
  • Provide best technical solutions, most competitive manufacturer
  • Provide optimized lighting solutions as per International standards of illumination
  • Understand lighting design suitability and select the best design
  • Offer a bouquet of products as per the Consultant's / Architect's specifications
  • Offer value engineered products / solutions to fit most hard pressed budget
  • Get approvals from lighting consultants and architects to match the lighting design concept and budget of the project


Products + Service Portfolio

Traditional + LED lighting Solutions

  • Lighting Design & Lux Calculation
  • Offices and Communication
  • Banks and Financial institutions
  • Retail segment
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Health and care
  • Façade and Architecture
  • Industry & Engineering
  • Roads and Infrastructure, Tunnel Lighting
  • Landscaping.


                                GREEN THINKING


  • We cultivate GREEN thinking
  • Integration of environmental thinking is part of our business management
  • We strive to deliver products/ solutions that minimize energy consumption
  • Together with world renowned partners who are eco-conscious, we pride in doing our small part to conserve our eco system
  • The need to preserve our fragile global environment is a concern of every individual. We work diligently in the education, dissemination, and implementation of programs that will foster a better global environment






Consulting & Evalution :


  • Customer Education
  • Grant and Rebate Programs
  • Research
  • Facility Lighting Audits
  • Energy Analysis



Product Specification :


  • Efficient and Sustainable Solutions Design
  • Product Selection and Procurement
  • Photometric
  • System Controls



Installation & Implementation :


  • Project Management
  • Coordinate Installation
  • Disposal & Recycling
  • Warranty Services















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